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5.0 SWOT Analysis
Topman already has more than 309 fashion stores nationwide with another 50 stores outside the United Kingdom division. Topman boasts the worlds largest fashion store in London with over 200,000 shoppers per week, Topman gets twice deliveries per day and 7,000 looks per season. In the year 2006, Topman’s operating profit hits 110 million with its annual sales of 600 million now. It brings a strong brand image of Topman based on the successful achievement to consumer’s mindset. Strong brand image builds confidence and reliability towards Topman’s product. In a nutshell, expending Topman’s market in Vietnam has a strong potential to gain sustainable profit.
Topman has their very own Internet website where
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Therefore, it is detached from the Vietnamese market.


Topman will be opening their first stores in America (New York) in 2008 also a store in China the same year and are currently looking for shop space in Paris. These were actually a starter and its greatly hoping to expand in these countries.
Topman’s unique style and flair is reminiscent of their European roots, and offer Vietnamese the opportunity to explore new fashion options which taps into the new Anglophilia fashion craze. Topman could grab the attention of Vietnamese as its clothing line is embedded with strong European fashion feel.
Topman is welcome innovations and creativity with open arms. The interest and the support of up coming fashion graduates and discovering the next big thing in talent at the same time as keeps their collections fresh. Their strong design teams creates new looks that are not just catwalk lead. Expanding stand alone shoe stores throughout the country their only competitors would be faith and office who sell to a similar customer Topman can also offer their premium range. Expanding their children’s wear, many fashion conscious mothers shop at Topman. They would buy on trend clothing at reasonable prices for their children; this could work and be successful, and would prove a threat to competition including the Baleno and MNG.
Topman would be the first to enter the Vietnam market. This could bring a lot of
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