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Nike SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

Strengths - Nike is one of the main shoemaker in the world. It designs and sells shoes for a big variety of sports including basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, volleyball, tennis, football and running. - Nike is strong at research and development, as is evidenced by its evolving and innovative product range. Its products go through a rigorous quality control before they go to market. Despite the cost to keep a high-level research and quality control departments, Nike always try to offer its goods to customers at the lowest possible price. - Nike does not have its own factories. Its production is outsourced by factories located in cheap labor countries;
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- Nike is a global company, therefore, economic crises around the world or even fluctuations in foreign currencies make profit predictions outside North-America uncertain. - Textile industry it is very harm to the environment, and therefore the company has to always deal with this to maintain its Eco-friendly reputation. - Piracy - There is a growing competition that produces and sells similar Nike products for cheap prices. Some companies, particularly located in China, make Nike replicas (they look like Nike products, there is a Nike logo stamped on them, but they are not made by the original company). |
So What?

According to the SWOT analysis some marketing actions could be effectively taken by Nike, especially in terms that are related to societal and environment marketing, exploring new markets and market establishment.

First, In the SWOT it is possible to notice that one of the major strength of Nike is also related to one of the company weakness. The fact that the company does not have its own factory and outsource its production in underdeveloped countries can guarantee a high-quality-low-price product to the final consumer, which it is very important in the current footwear/sporting goods high-competitive market, however, for a growing group (including people who practices sports and try to accomplish a healthy life), just the quality of the product and its
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