Sybil: Movie Analysis [Multiple Personality Disorder]

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A. DSM IV CRITERIA DSM-IV-TR Criteria for Dissociative Disorders: Dissociative identity disorder. Presence of two or more identities or personalities that take control of the person’s behavior; loss of memory for important personal information. B. DESCRIPTION OF THE CHARACTER INFLICTED WITH THE PSYCHIATRIC DISORDER Sybil Dorsett, the character in the movie inflicted with the psychiatric disorder Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), is a very simple woman who due to her love for painting teaches in an art school. Since she does not have any siblings, her father is the only relative she has since her mother died. She lives in a small New York apartment on her own wherein she would never have any visitors. She is kind of aloof with…show more content…
Help patients evaluate past behaviors in the context of the trauma, not in the context of current values and standards. Rationale: patients often have guilt about past behaviors and are judgmental of themselves. 7. Assist patients with developing more appropriate ways to verbalize feelings and needs. Rationale: to increase adaptive coping through assertiveness. 8. Encourage safe verbalization of feelings, especially anger. Rationale: feelings are or have been regressed or suppressed. 9. Encourage adaptive coping strategies, exercise, relaxation techniques, and sleep-promoting strategies. Rationale: patients might have been using maladaptive or dysfunctional coping to avoid dealing with feelings and issues. 10. Facilitate progressive review of the trauma and its consequences. Rationale: review helps patients integrate feelings and memories and begin the grieving process. 11. Encourage patients to establish or reestablish relationships. Rationale: relationships might have been affected by patients’ suspiciousness or fear of asking for help. E. MILIEU MANAGEMENT The nurse assumes an important role in the care of the patients who are hospitalized in an inpatient psychiatric unit because of suicidal or uncontrolled attempts to harm themselves. Provisions for a safe environment and trusting relationship are basic for helping these patients, who usually have not had trusting relationships with anyone. Assisting with group sessions; providing emotional

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