Sydney Trains Operate A Train Operator Owned By The New South Wales

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Introduction Sydney Trains is a train operator owned by the New South Wales Government and operates all suburban passenger rail services in Sydney, Australia, maintains the New South Wales Metropolitan Rail Area, and maintains all but a handful of operational railway stations in the state. Sydney Trains is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) statutory authority. The network is a hybrid suburban-commuter railway with a central underground core that serves 178 stations over 815 km of track. The network has 20 hours a day operation with train frequencies of every three minutes or better in the underground core, 5–10 minutes at most major stations all day, 15 minutes at most minor stations all day and four trains an hour on the Cumberland Line. On weekends service is less frequent with headways of upwards of a half hour on outer stations with frequencies of less than 10 minutes in the underground core. Ticketing is provided by the New South Wales My Zone and Opal card systems. Sydney Trains operates quick, frequent and reliable trains in the greater Sydney suburban area (bounded by Emu Plains; Berowra; Waterfall and Macarthur). To provide a passenger service between midnight and 05:00 while leaving the tracks clear of trains for maintenance work, parallel bus services were established in 1989. Night Ride services operate typically at hourly intervals (some routes depart more frequently on weekends). Night Ride services are contracted to

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