Sylabus for Rhetoric

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NOTE: All matters associated with this course are subject to change at the instructor's discretion. Any and all changes will be communicated to students in writing. Course Description RHET 1302 will prepare you for college-level writing while helping you develop your critical thinking skills. Rhetoric is the study and practice of how people communicate messages, not only in writing and speech, but also through visual and digital mediums. In this class, you will develop skills to analyze the way rhetoric, in its various forms, addresses audiences. By paying attention to the strategies that good writers and speakers use to persuade their particular audiences, you will learn to reason better and to persuade others in your own writing,…show more content…
72-84) | | |Announce Blog project (ongoing throughout the semester) | | |Exercise: Analysis of an advertisement | |Mon, Sep 5 |Labor Day Holiday (no classes) | |Wed, Sep 7 |The Process of Critical Analysis | | |Writing Analytically, Chapter 4 | | |Exercise: Passage-based freewriting | |Fri, Sep 9 |Using Evidence | | |Writing Analytically, Chapter 8 | | |Exercise: Distinguishing evidence from claim using passages from your diagnostic essay | | |Out-of-class assignment: Blog Post #1

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