Syllabus: Business Communication and Report Writing

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NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Syllabus Department of Accounting Four-Year B.B.A. (Honours) Course Effective from the Session : 2009–2010 National University Syllabus for 4 years B. B. A. Honours Course Subject : Accounting Second Year (Honours) |Subject Code |Subject Title |Marks |Credit | | |Business Communication and Report Writing (In English) |100 |4 | | |Computer and Information Technology |100…show more content…
Introduction: What is computer, Uses of Computers, Computer Generation and Classifications, Number System, Computer Organization and Architecture, Basic Logic Gates and Truth Tables. 2. Fundamentals of Computer Hardware: Input Hardware, Output Hardware, Processing hardware, Peripheral and Storage Devices. 3. Introduction to System Software and Application Software: Introduction to Operating System. Introduction to Software Development and Concepts of Programming Languages, Compliers, Interpreters and Assembler, Program Design and Flowchart. 4. Graphical User Interface: Gaining Proficiency in GUI Operating System, Word Processing using Ms Word: Editing, Formatting, Colors and Styles, Drawing, Tales. 5. Information Systems in Business: Why study information systems?-Why Business Need information Technology-Fundamental Information System Concepts-Overview of Information System. 6. Solving Business Problems with Information Systems: A Systems Approach to Problem Solving-Developing Information System Solutions. 7. Computer Systems: End user and Enterprise Computing. 8. Information Systems for Business Operations: Business Information Systems-Transaction Processing System. 9. Information Systems for Managerial Decision

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