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ESP Syllabus – English for Hospital Receptionists

1. Target Group: Age | Adults from 21 to 57 | Sex | Female and Male | Mother Tongue | Spanish | Level of English | Elementary |

2. Main Aim:

English for Hospital Receptionist is aimed to prepare learners to use a narrow range of English for Hospital receptionist, adequate for basic medical communication between patients, families’ patients and medical stuff.

3. Course Description:

This course is designed for hospital receptionists, who deal with medical services and medical situations. After completing the course, the learners are expected to have good ability to communicate in English for medical situations and services. In classroom setting, the
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* Giving directions in the hospital. * Hospital departments. | Language Skills and Knowledge | Listening: Listening about how you can get to a place.Speaking: Giving and asking directions inside the hospital. Reading: Inside the hospital. Writing: Filling in admissions. Grammar: Propositions. Present and past simple. Modal verbs. Functional Language: Giving directions. |

Unit 7: Admissions, accidents and emergencies I Topics | * Describing people * Admission Procedure | Language Skills and Knowledge | Listening: Listening how to Identify people.Speaking: Asking and telling patient history. Reading: Patient medical histories.Writing: Filling in Admissions procedures.Grammar: Past simple, present perfect.Functional Language: Wh-questions in past and present perfect. Asking for specific information. |

Week 8: Test 2. (Unit 5, 6 and 7)

Week 9
Unit 9: Admissions, accidents and emergencies II Topics | * Signs and symptoms * Asking and telling history. | Language Skills and Knowledge | Listening: Listening about how a sick person describes symptoms.Speaking: Telling medical histories to families or doctors.Reading: Signs and symptoms.Writing: Writing a short composition about symptoms.Grammar: Past simple. Present continuous. Functional Language: Answering to questions. Describing symptoms. |

Week 10
Unit 10: Pain and Symptoms Topics | * Describing pain * Describing symptoms * How to classify patients’ pain

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