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University of Houston Department of Accountancy & Taxation ACCOUNTING 4330/5330/7330 ADVANCED ACCOUNTING Fall 2012 Instructor: Dr. George O. Gamble Office: 370 G Melcher Hall Office Hours: M 1:00-2:00; T&TH 4:30- 5:30 and by appointment COURSE PREREQUISITES You must have junior standing and have passed ACCT 3368 with a minimum grade of C to be enrolled in this class. In addition, you are expected to have a working knowledge of computer spreadsheets, such as Lotus or Excel, as taught in DISC 2373. REQUIRED TEXTS Advanced Accounting, 5th Edition, by Debra C. Jeter and Paul K. Chaney, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2012. Intermediate Accounting any current text. Green Scantrons to be used for taking examinations.…show more content…
These calculators are available in many department stores for less than $10. DAILY ASSIGNMENTS Homework - You are expected to do all the homework assignments listed in this syllabus. A few questions, exercises, or problems may be discussed periodically in class. Special rules apply to ASSIGNMENTS that have to be turned in. 1. You must be present in class to turn in the assignment. Under no circumstances may you turn in an assignment for another student. 2. Assignment will be collected at the beginning of class. Do not attempt to turn in your assignment during or after class. You cannot fax or e-mail your assignment under any circumstances. WITHDRAWAL POLICY Wednesday, September 12 is the Last day to drop a course without hours counting towards the Enrollment Cap for Texas Residents. Friday, November 2 is the Last day to drop a course or withdraw with a 'W'. INSTRUCTOR COMMITTMENT I am committed to the goal of enhancement of interest and skills in accounting theory and practice. I believe that, as a faculty, our performance is ultimately judged by whether our students (1) pass the CPA Exam, (2) obtain jobs, and (3) become productive leaders in the business community. MISSION OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTANCY AND TAXATION • Our mission is to (1) prepare accounting graduates for leadership roles in business, government, and nonprofit organizations, (2) conduct

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