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Office Hours - BUS 344 TUES/THURS: 10am – Noon Office Hours - BUS 344 TUES/THURS: 10am – Noon Denise Kleinrichert, Ph.D. San Francisco State University email: Seminar – Business & Society (BUS 682) Fall 2013 – Tuesdays Course Objectives: This course emphasizes the theories and practices of the ethical, social, environmental, political, and legal aspects of business decision-making and leadership practices. These areas reflect the mutual impacts of profit, non-profit and government organizations in the U.S. and globally on business stakeholders. Course activities will hone your critical analysis and interpersonal verbal,…show more content…
Rules of the Game (think of each class as a Business Meeting): * Check your email account and iLearn daily for any announcements, changes, or handouts. * Attendance and level of Participation noted every class meeting: * Absences: will not be excused, except in extreme situations (i.e., funeral for immediate family member, your hospitalization, jury duty, major religious observance) with advance email notice to me. Plus, written documentation (obituary notice/funeral home notice, hospital discharge, jury summons, etc.) is required for any excused absence and it must be submitted at the next class meeting; otherwise, the absence is not excused and your attendance/participation points for that class will be 0 pts. Your work schedule does not count as an excused absence. Family or personal trips are not excused absences. Sick hamsters, bad hair days, other classes’ project deadlines, usual life stuff, etc. don’t qualify! If in doubt about a needed absence, talk to me or drop me an advance email. * If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to obtain notes from a classmate (use iLearn email). * I do not email or post Power Point slides of my class discussion notes. * Participation: the level of your active participation in all class discussions and group / partnership exercises throughout each class meeting. Expectations: Professional conduct for a business meeting. *Nonparticipation = leaving

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