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MGT 435 Strategy and Policies School of Business Administration - Oakland University Winter 2015 Time: 3:30-5:17 PM MW Instructor: Tianxu Chen, Ph.D. Office: Elliot Hall Room 300 Office Hours: By appointment. E-Mail: I. Course Description This capstone course in Strategic Management aims to equip you with the knowledge and analytical tools essential to comprehend and analyze how firms formulate and implement strategies. In doing so, you will learn how leaders of successful organizations make decisions and strategically maneuver their firms through uncertainty to better prospects in the market place. You will be encouraged to integrate insights learned in your business curriculum in understanding the firm as an…show more content…
C) Homework: Case study questions Each student needs to submit your answers to the questions (questions are posted on the Moodle links ) on Moodle. The questions are due on the date when the case is discussed in class. D) Discussion Each group will need to lead a discussion in the course. The discussions focuses on core concepts that are relevant to the in-class discussions. E) Group Case Presentations Each group will present one case. The case presentation should be around 40 minutes and should include detailed information about the background of the case, a thorough review of the industry and focal firms’ strategies, a discussion of SWOT analysis, and a few managerial suggestions. University Policies Academic Honesty (adopted from the Oakland University Student Handbook) All members of the academic community at Oakland University are expected to practice and uphold standards of academic integrity and honesty. Academic integrity means representing oneself and one’s work honestly. Misrepresentation is cheating since it means the student is claiming credit for ideas or work not actually his or her own and is thereby seeking a grade that is not actually earned. All academic misconduct allegations are forwarded to the Dean of Students Office and adhere to the student judicial system. Special Needs The University is committed to equal opportunity for students with disabilities. If you have a physical or

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