Syllogisms & Logic Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Syllogisms & Logic PART I: SYLLOGISMS To be a valid syllogism, the conclusion must be proven by the reasons. Carefully study the following syllogisms and decide if they are valid or invalid: 1. All zebras are striped animals. No zebras are polar bears. Therefore, no polar bears are striped animals. 2. All clowns are funny individuals. Some sad people are clowns. Therefore, some sad people are funny individuals. 3. Some sticky substances are yucky things. All taffy is a sticky substance. Therefore, some taffy is a yucky thing. 4. All items made of gold are expensive items. Some rings are items made of gold. Therefore, some rings are expensive…show more content…
The Browns did beat the Steelers, so Chris and Nick are very happy, indeed. |Valid |Modus Ponens (Affirming the Antecedent) | 11. Madeline must have known the material for the test, because if a person knows the material, that person will get an A, and Madeline was one of the students that got an A. 12. Anastasia believes that if she treats people honestly and with an open mind, she will have diverse friendships. She is honest and open-minded and has friends all over the world. 13. Roberto thought that if he worked very hard, his boss would give him a raise or a promotion. He made sure she noticed him, but she did not give him a raise or promotion. He thought he must not have worked hard enough. 14. "I'm still eating too much ice cream," lamented George. "My waist measurement is the same as it was six months ago. I know if I didn't eat so much ice cream, I would reduce my waist size." 15. The best way to make sure we pay fewer taxes is to elect conservatives. We must not have elected enough conservatives, because we are paying more taxes. 16. If my neighbor were a decent human being, he wouldn't let his yard trash fall onto my property. But
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