Sylvia Is A Single, Working Mother Of Four Kids

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Sylvia is a single, working mother of four kids. Everyday Sylvia balances the demands of children and her full time job. Sylvia enjoys her job, although demanding, it allows her to pay her bills. She works day in day out giving it all she has. She is tired and stressed about making ends meet. She has worked hard her whole life to get a job where she could stop living paycheck to paycheck. Her salaried job requires that she work 45 hours a week, on the graveyard shift. Sylvia is a model employee, she shows up, works hard, and gets all her work done ahead of the set deadlines. Sylvia knows that she can get her work done in far less time than her employer requires her to be there. She often has down time and often daydreams about spending it…show more content…
The life that makes each of us believe that we have a purpose other than slaving over our careers. We want the type of life that does not involve numbers, and clients. We want to replace those with birthday parties and time with loved ones. Every hard working employed person looks forward to their vacation, a time to relax and step away from the office. It does not mean that we are not dedicated to our jobs, just that we merely need that down time to be human beings. However, we continue to give our all to our employers, even at the expense of our family. It is not necessary for Americans to work over a 40-hour workweek because if we were able to spend more time with our families and have a better quality of life with a decrease in stress and health problems, society would benefit greatly. There is a good chance that we are all guilty of overworking. We often neglect our families, our diets, our stress level, and most of all, our sanity. We are so tired that we do not have the energy to keep up with our daily duties. Our laundry and dishes pile up, and we can’t find that small amount of time to take our kids to the park. We lost track of what a real vacation felt like, because if for some small reason we actually took days off work, we spend them catching up on the areas we have fallen behind in. The question is why? Why do we choose to over-do ourselves for work? It’s simple, we all want to feel and show that we are
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