Sylvia Plath 's Life And Life

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American poet Sylvia Plath once stated “eternity bores me, I never wanted it.” This quote, from her poem, “Years,” expressed that she did not want to live forever. It even suggested a foreshadowing of her suicide in 1963. This quote is also from one of her many poems, which were greatly influenced by her life. To learn how Plath’s life affected her writing, researchers studied main topics on her life and her works, including her early life, career, and literary works. To begin with, one of the topics that researchers studied was Plath’s early life and her family history, as events that occurred at an early age had a huge impact on the rest of her life. Sylvia Plath was eight and a half pounds when she was born on October 27, 1932 at the Massachusetts Memorial Hospital. After she was born, she lived at 24 Prince Street in Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts. Plath’s parents were Aurelia Schobert Plath and Otto Emile Plath. Aurelia Plath was an American with Austrian descent, while Otto Plath was an immigrant from Grasbrow, Germany. Her father worked at the Boston University as a biology and German professor with a specialty on bumblebees. When her parents met at a class Aurelia attended, instructed by Otto, Plath’s mother was twenty-one years younger than her father. Plath’s brother, Warren Plath, was born about two and a half years later on April 27, 1935. Then, in 1936, the family moved to 92 Johnson Avenue in Winthrop, Massachusetts. During the night of November 5, 1940,
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