Symbiotic Period Montessori

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Symbiotic Period: The First 8 weeks of Life “The first weeks after birth have a special significance for the child’s development and are referred to as “symbiotic life”. The word symbiosis means “a life together” and it describes the special situation of two living beings who need each other because each of them gives and receives something absolutely necessary for the continuation and the quality of each of their lives.” – Understanding the Human Being ch. 3 The symbiotic period is a period of time which starts in conception and ends eight weeks after the child's birth. This paper will point out the importance of the prenatal life, and the care that the mother should have since she becomes aware of that pregnancy. She has to know that…show more content…
• The ear (hearing), it is completely developed in the fifth month of pregnancy. This sense is stimulated by internal and external experiences from the environment. “research done in Japan has shown that newborns whose mothers lived near Osaka airport during pregnancy were able, after birth, to sleep through the roar of airplanes while other newborns resented such disturbing sounds.” (UHB pg.8) • The eye (vision), is ready by the fourth month of pregnancy. The child can know the difference between night and day. In order to have a normal birth, both the mother and the child need to prepare for birth. The mother needs to acquire knowledge regarding what to expect, information about the baby and its special care and attention. Both need to prepare themselves with time, so that at the end of pregnancy the mother just has to sit unstressfully for the baby to arrive. The child start preparing his departure from the mother’s womb by the end of the seventh month. The child starts protecting his body from external viruses and microbes by accumulating antibodies from the mother. Also he starts absorbing extra iron, because he knows that the mother’s milk lacks iron needed for the production of red blood cells. The child rotates his body, locating his head towards the birth canal. And the baby starts accumulating fat under his skin, preparing his body for life in the external
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