Symbol of Being in Patricia Jabbeth Wesley´s There´s Nothing You Can Do

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Through the poem, she shows a realization of something that most do not ever understand or even grasp. She notes, through different scenarios, that life will happen no matter what, and she must adapt to anything life throws her way. Wesley tells about chilling situations, troubled children, quarrels of parenting, inescapable aging, unavoidable nationality, and the surety that she cannot change life. She writes about her take on living through how people have a different symbol of their being, a different picture of what life looks like, and approach life with a different tone. Humans do not have a choice in the matter of which race or gender they occupy, but are politically distinguished through political opinions. Through
“There’s Nothing You Can Do”, Patricia Jabbeh Wesley finds that the absoluteness of life is an inevitable as breath.
Almost all writing is political. It can even come in the form of everyday situations that are dealt with by human nature. Power structure, the ranking of classes, rights, and racial, gender, or ethnic groups are all examples of political aspects of life. In “There’s
Nothing You Can Do”, Wesley first talks about being on a plane during a thunderstorm.
She expresses her panic by saying “Nothing, to quell that old fear of crashing. / Nothing about the first class seating / that’s no longer there;…
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