Symbolic Interactionism In A House

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Housing prices for detached homes in the GTA have sky-rocketed from what they were a decade ago and show no signs of slowing down. With this in mind, home buyers find it difficult to invest in a home due to their socioeconomic status, yet they still make a personal choice to do so. The article, Toronto and area house prices, out of reach for most (Montgomery, 2015), addresses the inflation of housing prices but entails a very narrow lens to the identity of the home buyer. Symbolic interactionism would analyze this issue from a micro level perspective. The theory emphasizes the importance of an individual’s subjective meanings and how these interpretations help create their own social state of affairs (Brym R, 2013). Looking at the article from a symbolic interactionist perspective, it can be noted Montgomery fails to explain the house is in itself a reflection of the homeowner’s individuality and desire to impress upon the public eye. Erving Goffman would rationalize the house as a mode of presenting the homeowner in the best possible light, this is known as dramaturgical analysis (Brym R, 2013). The home embodies both the homeowners’ public roles and true selves. Notice the privilege in owning a home is subjected to the statuses people occupy that in turn speaks about the role sets they play, but the combination of these social influences is…show more content…
The article expresses how prices for detached homes has increased rapidly compared to rates of income. Although the author looks at how the prices impacts home buyers, he fails to address certain facets that could have been explained using symbolic interactionism. The identity of the home buyer was overlooked as the young couple, disregarding peoples’ unique connotations they have attached to their idea of a home. Symbolic interactionism looks to understand the mentality of the home buyer and how it is reflected in their
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