Symbolic Interactionism Of Social Life Essay

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Question 1 To begin with, symbolic interactionism is the study of interactions in everyday life, or what people do. Moreover, it rejects the claims that the moral dimensions of social life can be studied scientifically, while emphasizing that people are “free agents” not determined by our social system; rather we make our own decisions (Reynolds, 2016, Lecture on Symbolic Interactionism). Furthermore, it “views reality as socially constructed” and “as a symbolic order” in which language is vital (Reynolds, 2016, Lecture on Symbolic Interactionism); for instance, sharing the same meaning of words. Therefore, symbolic interactionism views that starting at birth we begin to develop a self through socialization (that also involves interaction), by learning the culture, values of our social environment, and developing an identity (Reynolds, 2016, Lecture on Symbolic Interactionism). Likewise, Charles Horton Cooley added to the idea of the self in terms of the concept of the “looking-glass self”. In basic terms, Cooley states that our self-image does not come from ourselves, but is based upon three components; we first “imagine how we appear to others”, which then extends to us imaging what their judgement of our appearance truly is, and finally, we then “develop some self-feeling, such as pride or mortification, as a result of our imagining others’ judgements” (Ritzer & Stepnisky, 2014, pg. 356). Moreover, George Herbert Mead lays forth another competent to the self in the “I”
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