Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Of Sociology

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Suppose you’re going on a hot date. You have a couple of hours before your big evening I’m quite sure your preparing yourself or getting ready to I hope. I bet you decide on a particular outfit or maybe try on a few. You want to make a wonderful impression so you use your good fragrance. You rehearse some catchy lines that you think will make he/she laugh. These are all concepts that go along with the sociological approach called the symbolic interactionist perspective. This approach is used to describe how our society can be viewed and its variants applied to daily interactions.
Sociologists use a variation of theoretical perceptions to make sense of the world. These perspectives or ideas provide a structure for understanding explanations on matters, we find odd. The approach we will focus on is the symbolic interactionist perspective of sociology which looks at society as a product of ordinary social interactions of an individual. Symbolic interactionists also study how people use symbols to form meanings. The fundamental principle of this theory, is that the meaning we stem from and attribute to the world we see around us is a social creation produced by everyday social communication. In other words this theory is focused on how we use and understand things as symbols to communicate with one another, how we as individuals create and maintain an identity that we present to the world and a sense of self inside us. Also how we create and maintain the reality that we
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