Symbolic Interactionsim

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Abstract Since the beginning of Symbolic Interactionsim, when George Herbert Mead coined the theory, despite its lack of official information, anyone who studies the theory can see how it relates and is true to most, if not all human beings and the culture that they derive from. In this paper, it will discuss the theory; provide examples from people who have studied this specific theory more in depth, as well as my personal opinions about the view on this theory as well as the results that have come from it. This paper will also, if more than anything, will show more insight into despite the actual facts and testing on Symbolic Interactionism, it
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William Thomas and Florian Znaniecki were some of the earliest applicants for testing theory. This particular study focused on the transformation and adjustments on the specific family patterns in peasant polish communities during the process of immigration to the United States in the early 1900’s. The major themes that they conducted in their analysis to make this study and hypothesis verified were: Socialization, adaption, definition formation, role making, and lastly self concept development. A lot of the family dynamic and observation that has happened or did happen in this specific study, showed a lot of role conceptions within the opposite sex. Also, based on another study (Hochschild 1989) they showed emphasis on role making, role definition, role negotiation, and even role identity within the family.
Another study that was made on the family dynamic of symbolic interactionism also had to do with families with children. On two different specific studies, (Gecas and Schwalbe 1986; Peterson and Rollins 1987) they both dealt with the socialization of children. It has been proven that the socialization of children is one of the few remaining functions of the family in modern societies. Most of the socialization falls on the gender, self esteem, and filial identities.

Cross cultural experiences also add to parts of the theory. This
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