Symbolic Meaning of the Land in Gone with the Wind

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Symbolic Meaning on the Land in Gone with the Wind Abstract: The study of Gone with the Wind has mainly concerned with such aspects as the historical background of the American Civil War, the relationship between slave owners and slaves, Scarlett's remarkable personality, and the conflicts between north and south cultures. Many more people read it as a love story. This thesis aims at analyzing the symbolic meaning of the land in this masterpiece to interpret this novel better. With application of sociology of novels the land is conferred with the protagonist Scarlett's love for the Tara, the power of kinship, the slavery civilization of southern America and the spiritual world of human beings as well as the reliance on it for the modern…show more content…
It's not only as the background or the environment; what's more it is sinking into the blood and flesh of the protagonist. With the application of the sociology of novels in Wellek René's literary sociology, this thesis aims at analyzing the symbolic meanings of the land generally and comprehensively from the context, the society and the spirit three aspects and interpreting this novel more delicately. Chapter 2 Literature Review Since the first publication of Gone with the Wind appeared in China, it has been more than half a century for its popularity. Not only the books, but also the various versions of movies and novels adapted to it are welcomed by the Chinese people from generations to generations. Everyone appreciates Scarlett's independent personality, preservative characteristics, free spirit and social attitude towards her life, as well as brave and conservative Ashley, kind and considerate Melanie and smart and clever Rhett. 2.1 Brief Introduction of Margaret Mitchell and Gone with the Wind In 1900, Margaret Mitchell was born in an attorney family in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Her father was an attorney and the president of the Atlanta Historical Society, and her mother was a suffragette and advocated of women's rights. Atlanta was controlled by the north army in 1864, which have become the favorite topic of conversation of the habitants in
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