Symbolic Source In A Worn Path by Eudora Welty

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Symbolism is a characteristic that stands out in a person or thing. People usually use symbolism for something that means to them or represents to them. The symbols are used for many things, for example the apple on the iphone, laptop or iPod symbolizes the brand. Symbols are also used in churches, for example the cross symbolizes Jesus Christ. It symbolizes how he was crucified, put to death on a cross. The colors symbolize something’s to for example the colors white, red and blue symbolize freedom in the United States, it also represents the United States flag. Symbols are also used in movies like the hunger games catching fire; their symbol is a mocking bird with an arrow on it. A Worn Path is about a long walk through the woods an…show more content…
Another symbol used in a worn path is a dove. In the story the dove represents death because phoenix sees the bird as if she’s almost going to die. In the article “symbolism in Eudora Welty’s ‘A Worn Path’ the authordeclares “the morning doves reminder of death and with it the futility of her going on pulls

at her stay and not to go.” Phoenix feels like if God wants to take her away but she’s not ready to go because of her grandson. They represent death to Phoenix because as she goes through the path she says “something always take a hold of me on this hill”(Welty1274). Phoenix is an old lady so of course she would get really tired to go up that hill and down that hill. The word fatality also represent the dove because the gunshot she heard may of probably remind her of the shots she heard in the war since we know she’s lived for a long time because of how old she is described in the story. She was probably alive during the world war. Phoenix probably got scared because in Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path” her “ lids stretched down over her eyes, as if she were doing this in her sleep”(welty1278). Phoenix maybe has had bad dreams while she sleeps about gunshots. The marble cake is a symbol of the whites and blacks one day being able to get together without being cruel to each other. In the story Phoenix sees a little boy giving her marble cake, when she reaches to get the cake the little boy disappears. She was only having a dream. In

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