Symbolism : A Warn Path, And Shirley Jackson 's `` The Lottery ``

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Symbolism has been used for hundreds of years it has been used to help writers express different elements of their work. Katherine Mansfield the author of “Miss Brill,” Eudora Welty author of the short story “A Warn Path,” and Shirley Jackson author of “The Lottery” all use symbolism wonderfully in their work. They all use symbolism in a different way but they all use this process to help describe a deeper thought or meaning behind elements of their work.
Symbolism is putting a symbolic meaning behind a natural object thoughts or facts. This process is used by a lot of the most popular authors and playwrights. It helps the author to describe or to better emphasize a particular thought or object in a story. It is used to give even the most simple of objects, like the “black box” which we would think as a small unimportant object, but in the short story “The Lottery” it was used to show fear and the time of the “lottery.” Symbolism is a way for authors to use objects and thoughts to show mystical ideas, the state of mind, and also the emotion of not only the characters but also the settings and even the emotion of the work as a whole. All three of these authors were able to portray symbolism in many ways which allowed a deeper understanding to each their pieces.
In Kathrine Mansfield’s, “Miss Brill” we are able to see that this story is very structured and uses a variety of symbolism within it. In “Miss Brill” Mansfield uses a language which marks a separation of purpose and

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