Symbolism And Characters In A Worn Path, By Eudora Welty

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The short story, “A Worn Path,” by Eudora Welty explores the character of Phoenix Jackson as she journeys to town. As Phoenix Jackson travels to Natchez, she encounters many people and obstacles as she struggles to reach her destination. When she reaches town it is discovered that the purpose of the journey was to retrieve medicine for her sick grandson. Much is discovered through the symbolism and character traits of Phoenix Jackson expressed through Eudora Welty’s writing. The actions and struggles of Phoenix Jackson throughout the story show her selflessness and determination.
In “A Worn Path,” symbolism is used to compare the mythical creature, the phoenix, to the character, Phoenix Jackson. Phoenix Jackson is an African American woman making a journey to town to retrieve medicine for her grandson who was burned by lye. The phoenix is a mythical creature that when its life is coming to an end, sets fire to its nest and from its ashes arises. When it arises from its ashes, it is made new. In her old age and with a deteriorating body Jackson goes on her journey. Phoenix Jackson literally falls and gets back up because she is determined to continue on her journey. She faced many struggles that she must overcome and rise from throughout her trip to town. Just the journey itself is hard for Jackson with her old age and deteriorating body.
Jackson’s Journey takes place in the month of December. This represents the end and is a time when every move made is harder to make. This

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