Symbolism And Other Points Of Literature Essay

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Ernest Hemmingway used a lot of symbolism and other points of literature to create the short story, “Indian Camp.” We follow a young Nick Adams through his journey with his father to help a sick Indian woman give birth to a baby. Hemmingway’s techniques in narrating his stories are simple, yet obvious that the story is rich with secret meanings. I will address these aspects throughout this paper. Throughout the story, we see the notion of initiation. We see a young Nick Adams being initiated into adulthood. At the beginning of the story we see Nick and his father cross the water to get to the Indian camp. The water not only represents their means of travel but also the cycle of life from birth to death. Also at the end of the story when they are heading back from the Indian camp, “The sun was coming up over the hillside.” (19) This symbolizes the new beginning for Nick Adams. His experience at the camp was a sort of rite of passage for his initiation into adulthood. One more thing to note is when they arrive at the camp, “the young Indian stopped and blew out his lantern” (15), this idea of light to darkness is figurative language to let readers know he is no longer in his comfort zone. Later in the story when they arrive at the camp, they find out the Indian woman’s screams were going on for so long, most of the villagers moved out of hearing range. Oddly, Nick’s father, Dr. Adams tells his son that the screams “are not important” (16) and that he chooses to ignore the
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