Symbolism And Similarities Of Sir Gawain The Green Knight Othello And The Flea

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Symbolism and Similarities in Sir Gawain the Green Knight Othello and The Flea

The definition of symbolism is an artistic poetic movement or style using symbolic images and indirect suggestion to express mystical ideas, emotions, and states of mind. The use of symbolism can make stories that are completely different and tie them all together. That is the case for Sir Gawain the Green Knight (a chivalric romantic), Othello (a tragedy) and the Flea (erotic poem). If just read it would be hard to find what a Knight who is walking to his death, a man who believes his wife is cheating on him and a guy trying to seduce a girl all have in common. But looking at the little details and a few symbolic meanings/items they are more alike than not.

Throughout Sir Gawain we see a few things that reoccur. First is the pentangle (Five Pointed Star) On the shield of Sir Gawain, The color green, and the green girdle. The pentangle has many meanings. Faultless in the five senses, faithful of the five wounds of Christ, but most importantly it stands for the 5 Virtues of knights. Which are friendship, generosity, chastity, piety (devout fulfillment of religious obligations). The Pentangle flows perfectly into each point.

The next symbol used in Sir Gawain is the color green.
“The horse that he rides is entirely of that color, in truth.
A green horse huge and strong,
A proud steed to restrain,
Spirited under bridle
But obedient to the man.”
This massive knight green from head to toe…

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