Symbolism: Branding and Advertising.

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I will mainly focus on symbolic traits with relations to advertising but in order to do so we must first look at the Brand perspective. The symbolic values of branding are very strong and come in on many levels.

In order to understand and further investigate this topic, it is important to first define the meaning of symbolic and symbolism.

The Oxford dictionary definition for symbol is

"Sign; thing representing or typifying something"

A marketing dictionary defines symbolism as:

"Symbolic value and meaning are intangible, and the benefits are obtained only when the receiving person or group understands and share the same meaning as the person who is gives it"

In short symbolism is what we define or identify with
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E.g. Rolls-Royce or Rolex

Post modern BrandingBrand as CompanyThe value of the brand extends beyond the product to even cover all aspect of the company

Brand as PolicyThe company brand moves beyond commerce and becomes involved in social and political issues.

After having examined the different stages of branding so that we can appreciate it associated values and meaning with the product. We can then explore the symbolic traits within advertising. Advertising a brand name will always incorporate its already well establish values and status but it is the content of the advertising campaign that we are interest in.

Symbolism and Advertising:

The symbolism in branding and that of advertising is somewhat different, symbolism in branding deals with association and reputation i.e. Volvo = Safe, BMW = luxury. While the symbolism in advertising looks at imagery, characteristics and the on screen portrayal of people. Example

·Male: father, lad, brother, and masculine.

·Female: Mother, housewife and feminine.

The focal point of this dissertation is on how symbolism is used to sell products, how companies target the correct audience. After identifying the correct symbolic traits in the branding of the product, it is then important to correctly portray these traits in a successful advertising campaign. The symbolic traits in advertising can incorporate one or many of the following aspects: stereotyping, storyline, music, colour, humour, sex and even location to
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