Symbolism In Buddhism : The Symbols Of Buddhism

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Buddhism is a very peaceful religion with many worldwide followers. Buddhism also has a lot of symbolism within the folds and paths. These symbols play a big part in helping to understand the religion and what it is truly about. Siddhartha Gautama was prince, a very peaceful man who viewed life as a beautiful, loving place-- at least before he left the palace walls. When Siddhartha went to go discover new life outside of his kingdom, he saw people suffering and in pain. He saw death and illness, and he knew that this is not what was right and he had to fix it. He first thought the way to end this suffering was asceticism. He would fast extremely and torture himself, and so would his followers. One day he realized that this was not the…show more content…
The eight spokes symbolize each fold on the Eightfold Path and how this is was Buddhism is really about. Another quote comes from the same article, and it states “The Dharmachakra has eight spokes, symbolising the Eight-fold Noble Path. The 3 swirling segments in centre represent the Buddha, Dharma (the teachings) and Sangha (the spiritual community).” This wheel determines life on earth and the peace within. The wheel spokes stand for each fold on the path, and the segments in the wheel represent aspects of Buddhism. This wheel gives us an insight on the religion and it's a very important figure for Monks and Buddhists. This wheel gives us an insight on Buddhism and hints us to what it the true meaning of this religion is.
Another important symbol in Buddhism is Buddha’s footprints. Followers believe that the footprints symbolize his presence in their lives. This is important because it is a reminder to them why they are following the teachings of Buddhism. According to the article Brief History of Symbolism in Buddhism, it states "Footprints of the Buddha traditionally symbolize the physical presence of the Enlightened One. This image was reproduced from a rubbing of an ancient stone imprint at Bodh Gaya, India, site of the Buddha's enlightenment." These footprints date all the way back to when Siddhartha was alive and was enlightened, and
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