Symbolism In Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven

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In many type of art works in the literature history, Edgar Allan Poe is a name that cannot help but to mention in the literature history since he’s the father of Gothic poem. If you like sad poem and love literature then you soundly be able to know his name. Edgar Allan Poe was famous for being an American writer, poet, and critic for his many famous works, and “The Raven” is one of them. There symbolism of “The Raven” is obvious which symbolize mourning for the lost of his love, a messenger or a sign from his love and delusional about the Raven existence in reality.

Mournful and full of sorrow words in the poem that created a tragically and dark mood for the poem that help the poem to elevated it to a new level. The Raven is one of the saddest poem that Poe was ever created due to the reason that he
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The Raven ability to talk in the poem seem to be unrealistic since there are only a few type of bird can speak human language but raven is not one of them. The Raven symbolism of existing at the end of the poem represent the author last hold of insanity due to many evidence in the poem. In the poem, the Raven still sitting means it might be in the speaker mind only, is a symbol for the fact that his pain will not go away due to the word “Nevermore” repeatedly by the Raven.

At the end, the symbolism of “the Raven” is obvious which is to show us that it is obviously the Raven is not real and everything is all from the author head due to his anxiety and depression for his deceased wife. The author talk about how he mourning before he met the Raven and after he met it, he get angry because of the naked true that he can never let go of the past. All these drama from just seeing a bird that he saw helped him in creating this poem is what makes him a great writer and the father of Gothic style due to the level of how sad a poem can
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