Symbolism In Everyman

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Our theatre practitioners have come up with various ways of putting together a play. Traditionally, a play has to hold certain aspects and plot to be complete and considered a play. According to Freytag (2014), a drama is divided into five parts, namely: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action and Denouement. The play Everyman incorporates such qualities. Everyman is medieval play probably written in the 15th century, and its original writer remains anonymous. It is a morality play that consists of allegory characters that symbolize certain concepts of life.
Everyman is a heavy conceptualized religious text that drives an individual to look deeper into things. It is a play that touches on humanity, relations between a people
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Everyman has exhausted all his fortresses, and begins to look deeper into things that matter, so he turns to Good-Deeds. Good-Deeds is a symbolism of things that Everyman has ever done selflessly. Astonishingly enough, Good-Deeds is willing to go with Everyman on his pilgrimage but she is lame because of Everyman’s numerous sins. She however comes with vital information for Everyman’s progress. This is the falling action of the play. Good-Deeds refers Everyman to Knowledge. Knowledge is the best tool for every human being. God says, according to King James Version (1973:981) “My people perish for they lack knowledge.” It is then Knowledge who is able to reason with Everyman and leads him to repentance. Before Everyman comes to his senses, his knowledge brings to his attention that he still has qualities that make him be. Those qualities give him identity and they are: Beauty, Strength, and Discretion as well as Five-wits but he soon learns that none of them can provide him with salvation. Five-wits however stirs him up and points him to the right direction. According to Zublin (2014) “Five-wits represent the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell”. A human being’s senses make them human, prompt them to reason and stir them to the right
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