Symbolism In How To Read Literature Like A Professor By Thomas Foster

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Kayla Short
Ms. Smith
AP Literature 6
21 September 2017
It is not always, what you think it is
In “How to read literature like a professor” by Thomas Foster he explains different literary techniques that writers use when writing a story. Some of these techniques were symbolism, tone, major conflicts, foreshadowing and using certain settings. Even though all of these techniques are important to the story, symbolism is more important because it is used the most throughout the book. Symbolism is the use of people or objects to portray a certain idea or quality of something.
Thomas Foster strategically used symbolism in several of his chapters to allow the reader to understand more of why people do certain things rather than the literal
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For example, in chapter three, Foster places a vampire as one of the characters. By doing this, he is now letting the reader know that this character is really selfish, uses other people to get what they desire, and can usually be attached to a man trying to overpower a woman. In the Dracula movies and stories, the vampire is attractive and tries to lure in younger women in order to, later, make them a woman who has their own targets such as when he did with them. Vampires are a symbol for the men who take the innocence away from a young woman. Many people think that these spooky characters such as vampires are placed in stories to scare the reader but they are actually there to show a symbol of evil sex. Many authors in this time could not directly talk about sex in their story so they use evil characters to hide a bigger meaning behind them. These characters may sometimes be there just for scaring purposes but most of the time spooky characters show that a man that is nice looking can also have a darker side to them. Almost everybody has read or at least knows about the Twilight stories, which is another example of how “good” characters can also have a bad side to them. In those books the vampire has no self-control when it comes to the non-vampire girl. Overall, the vampires and ghosts of a story are never really about ghosts and vampires.
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