Symbolism In Jane Eyre And Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Everything isn't what it seems. You see things all the time but are they really what they seem or are they just symbols for something else? Symbols are used in everything whether it's clearly seen or not. They are also categorized into groups to be able to see what the true meaning is. Nature and God are both the main symbols in Jane Eyre and in Their Eyes Were Watching God. Nature and God are what both novels mainly focus on they also have other symbols throughout them as well. In “Their Eyes Were Watching God” most of the symbols are just about nature and are quick to see. The horizon, the pear tree, the mule, and the hurricane. The horizon to Janie was that she knew it was possible to get there one day. When the book begins she's married to Logan but when Jody comes along he begins to show her a glimpse of the horizon. She wants to fully see it and leaves with him. Janie then meets Tea Cake after the marriage with Jody wasn't how she wanted to be, Tea Cake was the one who was able to show her all of the horizon. The pear tree symbolizes the first sexual awakening to ever happen to Jane. The tree also helps to remind her of experience while sitting under it. She wanted to see in life the natural world's connection to the self's. As well as the sexual desires and feeling of love. Although the mule might not be seen as a symbol like the others do it symbolizes victimizaton and bondagage. (litcharts) The mule is mentioned many times throughout the novel but each time it's

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