Symbolism In Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

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While Mrs. Mallard is a young woman that is used to her life being in the hands of her husband, she quickly begins to realize that there is more to life than a marriage where she feels confined. Just as quickly as she learns what her new life could be, it is ripped away from her and her life is literally over. Within a short period of time, her world opens and she can view a new life ahead. In “The Story of an Hour”, there are many pieces that are symbolic throughout the story. Mrs. Mallard’s heart trouble, the open window, the chair, and the closed door. These symbols have a meaning to Mrs. Mallard’s story. They all tell what her life is like and what she really wants it to be like, all in a quick hour.
The Story of an Hour relates to the author, Kate Chopin’s, early life experiences. Chopin’s father was tragically killed in a train accident like Brently Mallard in the story. Chopin’s mother was also a young woman that was controlled by her husband, like Mrs. Mallards marriage. This shows that Chopin’s experience in her early life was through her mother’s eyes in the story. The whole story was not what really happened to her mother, but I think that she got the idea to use these symbols to tell the story using what her mother went through.
In the very first sentence of the story, it is mentioned that Mrs. Mallard has “heart trouble”, this could be foreshadowing, but I believe it is symbolism. It shows that something is bothering her in her relationship with her husband, as
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