Symbolism In Lord Of The Flies

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Symbolism is key to understanding Golding's Lord of the Flies that had been called the best book of the century or "The most influential novel...since salinger's catcher in the rye" by time magazine. This novel is indeed a very reputable one that everyone should read. However, in order to do that the reader must understand the symbolism used many times thought the novel. Thought, the novel the conch is one of the few major symbolic objects that changes drastically and meaningfully during the duration of the novel. As soon as the reader is introduced to the first major characters in this adventure they are just as quickly been introduced the the conch the two boys find on the beach. At first, this conch is just used as a means of location or even communication but as the boys start to meet up it quickly becomes an object of authority, community, and power. This all starts by Ralph just saying that no one can talk unless the wield the conch. On page 16 golding shows the reader what the conch is used for. "Wee can use this to call the others, Have a meeting. They will come when they hear us." When the first discover the conch it is simply just a way to call the other boys. Then, once ralph uses it to show his power after he is named leader it becomes a status of government or community. This however, will surely change in the novel and the conchs symbolism will begin to mean very much. Next, In Lord of the Flies the conch power is questioned by Jack when he begins to feel
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