Symbolism In Lunchbox

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On a daily basis, people are affected by infrastructures. When thinking about infrastructure, a physical operation such as freeways and transportation comes to mind; however, infrastructures are not limited to such restrictions. An infrastructure is a system that combines its physical form with symbolism. Infrastructures demonstrate the relationship from the past and future, affect people's lives, and have a deeper meaning underneath the physical surface. This can be better understood from the reading Infrastructure Toolbox and noticed in the film Lunchbox.

One’s culture is highly influenced by the past. It creates and explains their tradition while ultimately determining what the future holds. For instance, food plays a crucial role in culture especially for the people of Bombay/Mumbai; which is where the film Lunchbox takes placed. The film focuses on a delivering system that acts as an infrastructure. This system is made up of people delivering home-cooked meals and meals from restaurants at the consumer's job for their lunch. One major reason why the people of Mumbai utilizes this system is to maintain their tradition of having warm home-cooked meals despite them being at work. This displays the importance of family to them. The food symbolizes the feeling of being connected and together despite the distance. These lunchboxes are able to keep the tradition of having a hot home-cooked meal alive. Because of the old tradition, this new concept of delivering lunch boxes

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