Symbolism In Mirror Mirror

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Director Tarsem Singh decided in 2012 to put a fresh enjoyable twist on Walt Disney’s animated classic by producing the film, Mirror Mirror. The center of attention shifted from the distinct personalities of the seven dwarfs to the outshining temperament of the haughty, over-the-top Evil Queen played by Julia Roberts. The Evil Queen in this film does not seem so vile but rather more of an excessively excited cougar desperately attempting to get the attention of the handsome young Prince to win his hand in marriage and his fortune, which she frantically needs to cover the debts acquired by her lavish lifestyle. She outshines our main hero Snow White and makes the film what it seems like: a comedic composition intended for a few good laughs.…show more content…
Her rather childish personality traits such as the intense emotional outbursts and overreactions suggest severely stunted emotional growth. Her anger issues clearly count as one of the eminent qualities Ravenna possessed; she does not excuse disappointment easily, even if her own brother appeared as the one at fault of committing the mistake. Regardless of her cruel nature, Ravenna appears equipped with the capability of affection to some degree which she validates through her tears as she recalls the story of how she and her siblings had commandingly endured isolationism from their mother during her childhood. This Evil Queen prevails as more than a mere villainess. Her sundry emotions and attitudes make her a deeply complex character for an antagonist. Media analysis professors and scholars examined the film Snow White and the Huntsman and uncovered a multitude of opinions, speculations, and dynamic ideas on which to talk. Numerous authors of articles focused on the characteristics and qualities of the main hero, Snow White. In the book The Happiness Illusion: How the Media Sold Us a fairytale, a collection of a multitude of contributions concerning deep analysis of fairy tale themes, Luke Hockley notes that “By contrast, Snow White’s power comes not from her appearance but instead from her courage and bravery in acts such as escaping the castle,
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