Symbolism In The Book Thief

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In human nature, people tend to stay true to their core values they grew up with through their childhood and will not change them even when being influenced by others. Throughout Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, the author utilizes the symbolism of Liesel Meminger’s relationship with objects and the decisions she makes, to emphasis Liesel’s loyalty to her core values. Across the book, we can see how she retains her core values of peace and power through her symbolic relationship with books, words and bread. Books have been a major part of Liesel’s life and is a symbol of her development. Liesel’s relationship with books conveys the fact that she is rebellious to the nazis and retains her core value of peace through finding a voice. During the book burning, the nazis’ fire consists of books and posters from jewish poets, as well as their flag and their signs as shown in the book. However, against the ideals of the nazis, Liesel Meminger sees a book left out of the pile then snatches and hides the burning book from the nazis. “Smoke was rising out of Liesel’s collar. A necklace of sweat had formed around her throat. Beneath her shirt, a book was eating her up” (122). Not only did she have to go against the commands of Hitler and the nazis, she has to go against the pain of the burning against her chest from the book as well. Liesel is determined to steal the book since she wants to have her voice heard. She considers the Jew’s belongings very precious and wants to be

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