Symbolism In The First Part Last

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Cows moo, birds sing, wind ruffling the tree leaves and grass. Now replace the cows with cars you can still hear a few birds. The leaves and grass sound replaced by a crying baby. In the novella The First Part Last this is how boy named Bobby now has to deal with in his city life. He has a child at age sixteen and has to raise it on his own, he has to learn he isn’t a child himself. Symbols are given throughout the book, I have pick three, Red objects, Black,green,and blue paint, and his baby Feather, to explain why i think he hasn’t come of age. First, Red colored objects symbolizes danger, blood, warnings, and love. Red is brought up twice in the book when his girlfriend Nia gives him the balloon and when he paints the wall. Both are ways to go around a problem, like a child would. Most adults would look at the problem and try to solve it, Bobby on the other hand ran from it and ended up scaring everyone half to death and getting arrested from defacing public property. He acted like a child and didn’t look at his problem or try to get…show more content…
In the book was learn Nia and Bobby were going to get rid of Feather after she was born, they wanted to get rid of their innocence and responsibility, but Bobby didn’t give Feather away, he kept her. Bobby seems to be able to handle taking care of a child. He did give up part of his childhood, in reality he never really gave up his childhood, innocence, and carefree joy and came of age, Feather represents his childhood, he doesn’t want to give her to another family. If Bobby was coming of age he would give up these symbols of his past self behind. he is sixteen almost seventeen, near adulthood, through his book we are left wondering “ is he coming of age” “is he different from the beginning of the book”. He hasn’t changed, nothing has changed. He moves place to place because he believes it’ll be better for
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