Symbolism In The Glass Menagerie

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Taylor swift writes all her songs reflecting her boyfriends. Likewise, Tennessee WIlliams uses his play The Glass Menagerie to symbolize his personal life. The play is about the Wingfield family. A fatherless family that includes Tom Wingfield as the narrator of the play and a character in it. Tennessee Williams uses his memory play The Glass Menagerie to symbolically reflect his life through the character of Tom Wingfield.
Tennessee williams first uses Tom Wingfield’s job to reflect upon his life. In the play, Tom works in a warehouse making shoes. That is revealed to us in an argument he has with his mother, Amanda. Tom shouts to her, “ Listen !You think I'm crazy about the warehouse… You think I'm in love with the Continental Shoemakers” (20). In the same way, Tennessee Williams worked in a shoe company(DVD). Tom is unhappily working in the shoe factory. Working every day in a job he hates. While, Williams’s was also miserable in his employment as a shoe factory worker. In the last scene of the play we go on to learn that Tom is fired from his job at the warehouse. In his last monologue Tom confesses how he got “fired for writing a poem on the lid of a shoe box” (115). Williams, like Tom, spent much of his time writing poetry to escape the depressing reality of his life(DVD). In the play, Tom’s depressing life includes the place he calls home, the absence of his father, and his mother's constant pressure on him to not be like his father. In a similar way, Williams
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