Symbolism In The Marigolds

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Fallen Innocence, Risen Empathy “Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild, With a faery, hand in hand. For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.”(W.B Yeats) Similar to what Yeats talks about in his poem, many people feel a sense of horror as they discover that the world is not the happy place they imagined it was when they were a child. When it becomes time for a child to shed his/her innocence and take on the responsibilities of adulthood, one wishes that he/she could just run away from it all, just like the human child in this quote by Yeats. The world is full of weeping and horrors, but an innocent person can do nothing to help. Innocence cannot see injustice through its closed eyes. That is why it…show more content…
Collier uses symbols such as a potted geranium and marigolds to reveal the theme that, when a person is at the crossroads between childhood and adulthood, one must be able to…show more content…
The symbol of marigolds represent the innocence that a child has, specifically how that innocence can be ripped apart and how empathy can replace innocence. The symbol of a potted geranium represents the complex emotions that replace innocence after a person becomes an adult. Collier shows the reader that this transition is tough and will come with many challenges, ultimately resulting in a loss of innocence that will shape the readers whole life. These ideas are very relatable to many teenagers, as they see old friends drift away because they “just aren’t the same person anymore” and depression in teenagers due to severe challenges is becoming increasingly common. For many, the loss of innocence is full of fear and confusion, but the resulting gain of empathy is

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