Symbolism In The Mermaid Chair, By Sue Monk Kidd

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Abstract ‘Island’ is an emblem of both remoteness and nirvana in both East and West. In the East, to the Buddha, island is a positive symbol of revitalization in the core of the ocean of Samsara. In Commonwealth feminist writers such as Anita Desai and Sue Monk Kidd, the island becomes a metaphor for a woman’s quest for freedom and identity. The Mermaid Chair is a vividly imagined novel about the spirit and the ecstasies of the body; one that illuminates a woman’s self-awakening with the brilliant and power that only a writer of Kidd’s ability could conjure. An island is a land mass that is often smaller than a continent. An island is normally surrounded by water completely. Egret island is a thin place, in the Celtic sense of the phrase, a place where the visible reality of everyday life and the invisible reality of the sacred interest, where mighty forces work mysteriously to bring about transformation. The main conflict in The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd is the mental and physical illness of Jessie Sullivan’s- the main character, one of those unambiguous women with no desire to disturb the universe. Jessie stands at the bow of a ferry, looking across Bull’s Bay towards Egret island , a tiny barrier island off the coast of South Carolina…show more content…
She stands there and let it pass, knowing it will pass. All things do. When she told Hugh she was needed to come and see Mother, to be here on Ash Wednesday, he said, ‘of course’. Then a moment later, ‘is it your mother you’re going to see?’{Pg–33}. Not that often, but once in a while, the sorrow and mistrust will form across his eyes. Hugh face will close in. And he will be gone. His mind and body will be there, of course, buy his heat and spirit even will go to outer banks of their marriage and amp. A day or two later, he will be back. She will find him cooking breakfast, whistling, bearing more

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