Symbolism In 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

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The Nightmare Before Christmas starts off in a town that the movie revolves around the whole movie, which is Halloweentown. In this town, they have a “Pumpkin King,” who is the ruler of the town, and his name is Jack Skellington. Jack begins to feel bored of the same old holiday they have every year, Halloween, and he soon stumbles upon trees that are decorated with symbols for each holiday. Jack is intrigued by the door that has a bright green christmas tree on it decorated with little painted-on ornaments. He opens the door and falls into the tree and gets transported into Christmasland. He explores the small land that he was pulled into, and then he returns home to tell his town about the place that he has just discovered. He tells them that they are going to make their own Christmas. The town teamed up and worked on making terrifying toys to bring “joy” to the children and to give Santa a year off. Jack sent 3 kids, Shock, Lock, and Barrel, to kidnap Santa and keep him safe while they were delivering presents to the kids of the world. Sally, who has always secretly admired Jack, told him she had a bad vision that stealing Christmas was a terrible idea, but Jack didn't listen. Jack finally got on his sleigh with his skeletal reindeer and rode off into the night delivering presents. Every house he went to called the police because the toys were trying to kill them and eventually the military was trying to shoot him out of the sky. When he was shot down, he realized Sally

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