Symbolism In The Raven

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Although this may be true, Robinson reinforces this quotation with the symbolism along with the attributes or traits of the raven. Robinson establishes a connection between small segments of speech from the razen to a Native Indian American folklore that helps exhibit the symbolism and the attributes of the raven. For example, the raven warns Jared of danger approaching, “You need to ask yourself how she’s back from the dead[...]It’s not Baby[...]That’s. Not. Baby[...]She’s lying.[...] Run.” (Robinson 235-237) Following the quotation, the small segments exhibits symbolism and traits of the raven from Native American Indian Culture. This passage is linked together from the raven’s speech as a warning for Jared as he is getting baited into a trap. Robinson creates a connection with a folklore about a raven from the Sioux nation using “It’s not Baby,” and “Run.” The Sioux would tell a story of how a raven would warn buffalo of approaching hunting parties and the buffalo would then stampede, leaving the hunting parties hungry. This reveals the raven is both knowledgeable and insightful because it understand and know what others do not. Comparing the folklore to this passage, the ravens both share a common purpose of providing protected to be mainly a trickster in the Native culture, the raven is also known especially to help expose the truth from the unknown. Through the comparison of the folklore to the passage, it demonstrates the traits of the raven as both insightful and
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