Symbolism In The Secret Lion By Alberto Alvaro Rios

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An age grade is a category of age all individuals pass throughout their lives. “The Secret Lion” by Alberto Alvaro Ríos is a story about a young boy recalling his time in junior high and the rebellious adventures he went on with his friend. After each adventure or moment in junior high, the boy would make note of the lessons he learned. Ultimately, these lessons resulted from the passing of age grades from childhood to adulthood that the boys were facing. The use of symbolism in “The Secret Lion” by Alberto Alvaro Ríos serves to portray the transition from childhood to adulthood and the lessons that come with it. The experience of the loss of youth known as puberty is symbolized in the beginning of the story as a lion. The narrator states “I was twelve and in junior high school and something happened that we didn’t have a name for, but it was there nonetheless like a lion, and roaring, roaring that way the biggest things do” (Ríos 333). In this instance, the boy notes how quickly and suddenly his childhood came to an end. The introduction of the symbol of a lion to represent puberty demonstrates that it was a moment so revolutionary to the boy and his friends that the only way they could describe it was as a fierce animal at the top of the food chain that could not be controlled just as puberty is an intense process that could not be controlled. Another symbol that portrays puberty is the school that the boy and his friends attended. The symbol of junior high serves as a
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