Symbolism In The Shawl

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In both Shawls, the "Shawl" have different meanings but is the same symbol in both stories. In both fictional stories, they have mothers who have to make a difficult decision to make, which leads a person to die. In some ways the shawls are different, but in most they are similar. In the first shawl by Cynthia Ozick, the author sets the setting during the Holocaust. Ozick started to describe the characters, like " the Star sewed into Rosa's coat." She later she reveals that the main characters were Jews. Rosa, a mother of two, Stella and Magda, Magda was the baby. Rosa faces many dilemmas throughout the whole story. All she could think about is how can she keep Magda safe because Magda does not look like other Jews. Rosa describes Magda's…show more content…
One is during the reign of Hitler, and the other is when natives had lots of lands. Ms. Erdrich gives the reader details on the setting like "our people lived widely scattered, along the shores and in the islands, even out on the plains. There were no roads then, just trails, though we had horses and wagons and, for the winter, sleds. "This shows that space was open and the people worked with nature rather than cities. Even though it's certain that the setting is in a reservation, but the environment changes in towards the end of the story. "There was a time when the government moved everybody off the farthest reaches of the reservation, onto roads, into towns, into housing." the son that is now a father state. As the reader reads on, the author describes how the government moved the natives to cities, so now the setting is changed to urban towns because the author writes about how "[The father] he went to town drinking and how his kids " take money from him." Back then natives didn't use money or go into bars. In the Shawl by Ms. Ozick, the setting stays the same throughout the story. The author has the characters walking to a concentration camp. In the author's story she doesn't just tell her readers the setting, she makes her reader infer what's the setting by little but important details. A great example is "yellow as the Star sewn into Rosa’s coat" This shows that the setting is…show more content…
In Ozich shawl, Rose was in a fork in a road between getting the shawl for Magda or Getting Magda from the barbed wire. Rosa thought really hard. She knew Magda was going to die to soon by she didn’t want her baby to die. She thought “If she jumped out into the arena to snatch Magda up, the howling would not stop, because Magda would still not have the shawl; but if she ran back into the barracks to find the shawl, and if she found it, and if she came after Magda holding it and shaking it, then she would get Magda back, Magda would put the shawl in her mouth and turn dumb again.” Rosa decides to go get the shawl, but before she could get to Magda “Magda’s feathered round head and her pencil legs and balloonish belly and zigzag arms splashed against the fence” and she died. Rosa regretted her decision in getting the shawl. In the other shawl, Erdrich, doesn’t say it but gives details that Aanakwad sacrificed her daughter to the wolves to protect her baby. There wasn’t another
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