Symbolism In The Story Of An Hour

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The 19th Century short story of Kate Chopin entitled “The Story of an Hour”, describes the story of a young married woman who was suffering from heart disease, which made it difficult for her sister to bring her the news of the death of her beloved husband, but instead of deep sorrow, Mrs. Mallards, our Principal character in the story felt a beautiful sense of freedom and relief. However, her dreams and illusion were shattered when she saw her husband coming from the door alive. Through the use of character arc enriched by symbolism and iron, the author reflected in a dramatic way how a 19th century woman appreciated her freedom and living her own life as something marvelous in comparison of being married serving someone else’s. “The Story of an Hour” is the epiphany of a young married woman; her realization of how important is the self, its freedom and liberation.
Kate Chopin was known for her controversial writings and her cheers for women’s freedom and rights. During the 19th when she wrote this story, there wasn’t what we know today as women rights. Women were considered as a property, when married, the rights of woman were legally given over to her spouse as all her physical and moral belongings which expropriate all kind of freedoms and liberties away them from. "The Story of an Hour" is a short story centered on a young married
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Often she had not” (278), her sister Josephine who delivered the news to her as kindly as she could, Mrs. Richards the transmitter of the news who is dear friend to Mr. Brently Mallard, and finally but not less important we could see Mr. Brently Mallard for a second. What started as a bad news for Mrs. Mallard, it became a feeling of freedom and rebirth. Unfortunately, these emotions had a bad ending for her because the shock of seing her husband alive ended her life in a
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