Symbolism In The Tell Tale Heart And The Tell Tale Heart

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How does the symbolism affect the meaning of a written piece, does it make it more or less important? Symbolism is used to represent ideas; that may imply deeper, hidden meaning than what the text directly states. Symbolism can be used in different ways throughout different books; for example, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, by Edgar Allen Poe and “Once upon a Time”, by Nadine Gordimer, contain a variety of symbolism that have the possibility of having two or more meanings. The problem with this is identifying what the text could really mean, and how that changes the story. How does comparing the use of symbolism in both stories and showing the difference in the stories direct text and length, with and without the implied symbolism, answer the…show more content…
He has the old man murdered in his personal bedroom in his bed as the killer's weapon. Symbolism in this work of literature is highly important; without it the story would be a slightly confusing,shown in the ending of the story when the murder hears the heartbeat, getting louder and louder, but nobody else can hear it and then admits his guilt attempting to stop the sound, metaphorically saying that the guilt (represented by the heart) he carried with him after murdering the old man grew and grew as if it was going to burst out of him, leading him to confess so his subconscious (also represented by the heart ) would be put at ease. Evident by the following quote,”Villains!” I shrieked ,”dissemble no more!I admit the deed! --tear up the planks!--here, here!--It is the beating of his hideous heart!”. Without the use of symbolism in these quotes, the meaning of the quotes and the rest of the piece would mean something completely different; Similar to what would happen in, “Once Upon a Time” by Nadine Gordimer, if you took out the symbolic pieces and read it specifically as it was written. Like in Poe’s previously stated piece, “Once Upon a Time”, by Nadine Gordimer is mostly made up of symbolism due to the fact that the story takes place
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