Symbolism In The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls By Henry Longfellow

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Henry Longfellow and John Whitter both used symbolism to juristically make their writing more appealing and full of elements. For Longfellow it was “The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls”..In the poem, “The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls”, the theme to me is surrounded around the fact of life goes on. The rise and fall of the tides in the ocean represent the way life is a roller-coaster and it goes up and down and never slows down. An example to relate to the theme is when Longfellow says “The day returns, but nevermore Returns the traveller to the shore, and the tide rises, the tide falls.” While he claims this it supports the fact that this is about life changing, it supports it because once the day comes to an end, and the “traveller” (person living life) is at rest from a long day, the tide rises and falls. In other ways, life still goes on. Now as for John Whitter’s poem, Snowbound, I believe the theme for this piece of literature is overcoming the odds. The setting I thought of was in a little cabin that was trying its best to stand tall through a harsh winter storm. The heat in doors was limited and the family inside was just trying to make it through what seemed like a never-ending storm. In the poem one line that caught my eye about them overcoming the odds was “We watched the first red blaze appear, Heard the sharp crackle, caught the gleam, On whitewashed wall and sagging beam,”. While he claims this is supports the fact that this is about how regardless of the situation, no
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