Symbolism In Under The Persimmon Tree

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(AGG) As said by Manly Hall, “Symbolism is the language of the Mysteries. By symbolism men have ever sought to communicate to each other those thoughts that transcend the imitation of language”, and there are many signs of symbolism in the book Under the Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fischer Staples, especially involving the stars. (BS-1) Stars do symbolize many different elements in the book, but a literary view, or surface view, on the stars, as well as each character's personal connection to stars is evident as well. (BS-2) Moving more into the symbolism of stars, they convey the mental state of Najmah throughout the book. (BS-3) Not only are the stars used in a more in-depth meaning for Najmah, there are also major instances for Nusrat,…show more content…
(SIP-B) But through her trip, it's evident that her mental state is improving, represented in the stars. (STEWE-1) She has shown signs of development from her initial breakthrough from her past mental state.The next time in the book development is shown, Najmah is yet again changing her mental state in a positive way,“Moon- and starlight guide us through the mountains, and I am able to keep our direction true by finding al-Qutb… just as my father showed Nur and me what seems a lifetime ago in our village in Kunduz” (Staples 109). Najmah is focusing more on the reality of her situation, rather than staying in the past, and she shows that whilst thinking of her missing family. Though she has shown she has “found a new purpose” so to speak, the purpose being her decision, “... to look for my father and brother” (Staples 131), she still isn't able to let go of her mother and baby brother just yet; “Intermittently clouds roll over the sky, obscuring the moon and the stars…” (Staples 109). The clouds could be seen as her memories blocking her from being able to move on and to be able to grow and help herself, as they are obscuring the stars, which represent her hope. (STEWE-2) Once she had reached Torkham, she was in the
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