Symbolism In Wall Of Fire Rising

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The half lemon the Lili keeps beside her mat in Edwidge Danticat’s short story, “Wall of Fire Rising,” represents a clean slate. When “she smooth[s] the lemon of her ashen legs,” (64) Lili is rubbing away the dirt, germs, and pain; giving her a clean slate to write on tomorrow. The lemon is softly washing the hate and anxiety that being alive comes with and allows Lili to peacefully slumber. Guy also uses this lemon to say goodbye to his wife the night before he jumps out of the balloon. He “‘would like to be the one to rub that piece of lemon on [her] knees tonight’” (75). This is his way of telling her that he wants Lili to have a better life than what he could give her, that he is sorry, and that he is erasing his mistakes to allow her a
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