Symbolism Of Hester Prynne In 'The Scarlet Letter'

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The Scarlet Letter Essay
By Kopelin Friar
November 6, 2017
Although Hawthorne uses symbolism in The Scarlet Letter to portray Hester Prynne as a heroine, he uses symbolism to portray her more as a victim by the ever present A. The Puritans accused of it being all her fault, and not mentioning the father. In the first several chapters of The Scarlet Letter we can understand Hester Prynne to be a good, but misunderstood, soul. Far from the evil woman that some of her neighbors see, Hester is a strong, proud and loyal person who resists the worst influences of the puritan people.
Hawthorn uses Hester’s A as symbol of adultery most of the time. Hester's scarlet letter A is one of the most symbolic things in the book. At various times, it symbolizes adultery, sin, hard work, skill, charity. At first, there's no question: it symbolizes the sin of adultery, and Hester wears it as punishment. But from the very beginning, she's not willing to let it dictate the terms of her punishment. It’s possible to see both sides but it makes more sense if it is takes side with the victim because, if someone force someone to do or wear something that would make them the victim. So it only makes sense that, that person would be a victim By taking on the A or the punishment. Hester practically takes control of her own punishment. She
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Nathaniel Hawthorne’s representation of the Puritan’s strict religious ways in his novel, The Scarlet Letter, was not just a mere observation but rather a criticism of their beliefs. Based in a New England town, The Scarlet Letter points out the way in which women are treated in the puritan world and the way in which earthly sins are severely punished. The puritans really had no interest in trying to find out who the father was at all. "A pure hand needs no glove to cover
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